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7 reasons why you must attend this seminar

Reason 1

Put you in touch with your life’s purpose


Reason 2

Awaken you to the largely untapped creative power of consciousness.

Reason 3

Give you the skills to direct your mind, and by extension your reality – in essence, to regain control and use it to create the life you’d love to live.

Reason 4

Teach you how to use emotion to empower and manifest your dreams.

Reason 5

Introduce you to the hidden principle of Values (and Voids), which underlies all human behaviour.

Reason 6

Show you how to make firm, clear, and lasting decisions.

Reason 7

Instruct you in an ancient and proven system of wealth creation which (if you apply it) is guaranteed to increase your wealth, freeing you to do what you love – and isn’t that all anyone really wants?

Who is John Hanna?

And why should I care?

After a career of extraordinary business and financial success, and equally great losses, John has been through the mill and draws on his broad experience to bring about profound change in a remarkably short time.

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Way of the wealthy Testimonials


Delta Goodrem | Singer Songwriter

‘Way of the Wealthy’ is quite simply wonderful. I never expected to be touched and moved by a book on wealth creation, but it’s so much more than that.

The stories and quotes are truly inspirational, and the message of loving life and finding your purpose ring so true. This is a beautiful book for everyone.


Dr. John Demartini | Founder of the Demartini Institute

‘Way of the Wealthy’ is clear, informative, revealing, inspiring and filled with life-changing philosophical principles and practical financial action steps that can change a person and financial destinies.


Willie Mason | NRL Superstar

John’s book the “Way of the Wealthy” is Not one of those gimmicks which tells you to “do X, Y, Z to become rich.” The stuff John teaches about makes you a Better person as well as getting Wealthy. Being a Rugby league player I had a lot of qualities which John helped me to apply outside of Football and put into business and wealth. At the end of the day, it was both easy and enjoyable.


Kostya Tszyu | Four Time World Light Welterweight Champion

“I have very little spare time for reading, but this one was worth it. It spoke to me because I know what it takes to make a dream come true, and the courage, discipline, and heart are all here. Also, the great stories make it incredibly easy to read. ‘Way of the Wealthy’ is a real champion.”

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