Way of the Wealthy

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have so much, and others so little? What makes them different? There is a lot more to it than hard work, intelligence, or luck – and this fascinating book reveals why. In a unique exploration of financial and universal laws through story, humour, product insight and powerful exercises, WoW clearly sets out how to not only create vast wealth, but even more importantly how to keep it, grow it, and use it to build a magnificent life. Be prepared for dramatic changes, for it will free you from old beliefs about what you deserve and why you’re here.

Way of the Wealthy Testimonials


Delta Goodrem | Singer Songwriter

‘Way of the Wealthy’ is quite simply wonderful. I never expected to be touched and moved by a book on wealth creation, but it’s so much more than that.

The stories and quotes are truly inspirational, and the message of loving life and finding your purpose ring so true. This is a beautiful book for everyone.


Dr. John Demartini | Founder of the Demartini Institute

‘Way of the Wealthy’ is clear, informative, revealing, inspiring and filled with life-changing philosophical principles and practical financial action steps that can change a person and financial destinies.


Willie Mason | NRL Superstar

John’s book the “Way of the Wealthy” is Not one of those gimmicks which tells you to “do X, Y, Z to become rich.” The stuff John teaches about makes you a Better person as well as getting Wealthy. Being a Rugby league player I had a lot of qualities which John helped me to apply outside of Football and put into business and wealth. At the end of the day, it was both easy and enjoyable.


Kostya Tszyu | Four Time World Light Welterweight Champion

“I have very little spare time for reading, but this one was worth it. It spoke to me because I know what it takes to make a dream come true, and the courage, discipline, and heart are all here. Also, the great stories make it incredibly easy to read. ‘Way of the Wealthy’ is a real champion.”

Journey of Riches

Book Overview

Regardless of whatever you're currently facing in your life, there's a plethora of tools and tactics you can use to overcome any situation and make your life richer. Among the powerful insights contained in this life-changing book is:

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  • Read how John Hanna went from blindly running from his fears to running a multi-million dollar business.
  • JoJo Bennington describes how she survived a term in prison and went on to become a successful seven-figure network marketer.
  • In a third tale, Tracy Sotirakis relates how she overcame a debilitating problem with shyness and went on to travel, speak on stages, and work on film sets.
  • Read the soul-healing tale of Kim Joss, who survives her battle with breast cancer to become an inspiration to her family and everyone she meets.
  • How to move to another country when you don't know the language.
  • And much more!

Each story openly describes the author’s struggle to overcome, to change, to grow and to succeed. And, each story will leave readers with newfound understanding and wisdom, and the realization that, you too, can overcome your obstacles … and succeed.


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